Can A Small Business Afford To Use A Recruitment Agency?

As a small businesses you may think you can’t afford to use a recruitment agency, however, you may not have the resource nor the time to fill your roles either. In this article we will outline the benefits.


What A Recruitment Agency Can Do For You

Recruitment Agencies have two sets of Clients. Businesses looking for employees and individuals looking for employment. A recruitment agency may already have suitable candidates that they can match with your company relatively quickly.

Hiring people that don’t fit your business could be detrimental and a set back for your business. That is why a large investment of your time will be required to get it right. As a small business owner, do you have this? Determining what is required of your new potential employee may be the easy part. Finding someone that meets those requirements may be costly.

You need to be prepared to set time preparing a job description, posting the job advert – deciding which sites to post the job ad on – which job sites are best? – then screen and vet applications, interview candidates (sometimes more than once) and finally train them if required. As a small business this is a huge task. It can sometimes be overwhelming and an unwelcomed distraction.


Industry Specialists

Working with an agency that specialises in your industry may be a logical step and one that could save you valuable time. We’re all aware that time costs money and recruiting internally will take up a lot of time that you may not be able to afford.

Recruitment agencies that specialise in your industry should be able to provide you with key information such as salary indications, whats happening in the industry, what candidates are available and have access to candidates that you may not or know of candidates already who will be a good fit for your company ethics and team.


The Hiring Process

This process involves a lot of steps before the best candidate is chosen. Firstly, role must be advertised after a carefully drafted job description has been prepared. This is to attract the best candidates to your business. Smaller business may have problems attracting the right candidates. The applications are reviewed to see if any are a good fit and meet the requirements for the positions. The candidates must be contacted to arrange interview and there may be a need for more than one interview depending on position then reference and background checks.  These are very time consuming processes until your ideal employee is sourced.


What 2020-Recruitment Can Do For You

Allowing us to hire on your behalf will save you substantial amounts of time allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

We don’t just hire on your behalf. We act as an extension to your business. We promise that we will do everything we can to find you that ideal employee, one who is the right fit into you company team culture and business ethics. Outsourcing to 2020 can give you access to individuals that may not have previously considered your company. We can also provide psychometric as part of our hiring screening process. This gives a better insight into the individual’s working style, values and behavioural traits.

We aim to find you the best candidate every time so much so that we guarantee our Permanent Placements. Should a candidate leave within 12 months of us placing them within your company then we will find a replacement free of charge.

2020-Recruitment will work with you to determine which method of recruitment is best for you.

If you would like to chat further on your options then please email us on or call us on 01592 805600.