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Trades and Industrial

As a recruitment specialist in trades and industrial roles, we are dedicated to connect businesses with the hardworking professionals who form the backbone of these sectors. We go beyond traditional recruitment by adopting a hands on approach. Our team actively seeks candidates with practical experience, ensuring they are well suited to the demands of trades and industrial roles.

Access a diverse pool of skilled tradespeople and industrial workers, including but not limited to: CNC Millers, CNC Programmers, CNC Turners, Welders, Fabricators, Mechanical Fitters, Pipefitters, Platers, Machine Operatives, Electricians, Rope Access, Sheet Metal Workers, Crane Operatives, Slingers/Banksmen.

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Engineering and Manufacturing

Discover a new level of precision and innovation in your workforce with 2020 Recruitment. As a leading recruitment agency located in Scotland specialising in oil and gas, engineering and manufacturing, we are committed to connecting businesses with the skilled professionals who drive excellence in these critical industries.

At 2020 Recruitment, we’re not just recruiting, we’re shaping the future of engineering and manufacturing. We understand the fast paced and precise nature of engineering and manufacturing. Our recruitment process is designed for efficiency and accuracy, ensuring you get the right talent when you need it. Access a diverse and global pool of talented engineers, designers, technicians, and manufacturing experts.


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Office Professionals

Benefit from our specialised understanding of the unique skills and qualities required for success in office environments. Our team is dedicated to sourcing professionals who seamlessly integrate into your workplace culture. Every office has its unique requirements. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect match for your team.

We understand the significance of how each area of your business works. We are well-appointed to deal with a diverse selection of roles, from entry level administrators to senior level management positions.

Ready to enhance your office team? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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Here's what a few of our Clients have said about us

2020 Recruitment regularly meet with us to get an update on our recruitment needs. We know that if a CV is sent to us the candidate will meet our requirements.

Engineering Consultancy

We are not hounded by calls or unsolicited CVs. As our consultant says they are our “Recruitment Partner” which we prefer!

Oil & Gas Client

What I like most about 2020 Recruitment is their honesty and openness. They never over promise and if they are unable to find what we are looking for they explain why. Communication is second to none.

Electronics Manufacturer

The staff at 2020 Recruitment are available outside regular office hours which suits our business needs. I know I can speak to our Consultant at the weekend if required. We try not to though!

Steel Fabricator

I have always found Robert to be first class to work with.  You tell him what you are looking for and he always come up with the goods promptly which is perfect when you are in need of someone quickly.    All the staff are first class and nothing is ever a problem.  I need staff – who do I e-mail/telephone…………2020!!

Facilities Management Company

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