Who Should You Use As A Reference When Applying For A Job?

When applying for a job most companies/recruitment agencies will request two references prior to or after an interview. These could be the difference between being offered a job or not so choose carefully.

References: Who Should You Use?

The best people to put as a reference would be an ex-employer or a previous manager. These people will have judged your character over the time you were with them and your work efforts. Will they identify your skillset clearly to any prospective employer? Can they assist you in getting that ideal job?

Please note that it is normal for companies to give very limited information on employees to prospective employers. They will confirm job title and dates of employment but not much more. This is in order to minimise the possibility of any legal action from a former employee.

What if you have not worked anywhere before, who should you use?

If sourcing previous employers details is difficult or if you are a school or university leaver then you can use teachers or lecturers as a reference.

They will be able to relay any relevant information to prospective employers such as work ethic, attitude, time keeping, etc.

They can give a character reference throughout your school/university terms.

Character references are often substitutes for employment references. They may include friends or others who know you on a more personal level.

Remember…when applying for a job…

It really needs to be someone that knows you, who has authorised you to provide their details for a reference and must be current and relevant. Based on experience, it’s not the first time a call has been made to a referee and they are either can’t remember it was so long ago or is not willing to give one.

At 2020-Recruitment, we will always ask you for references from your two most recent employers.

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Good Luck!