5 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with like minded professionals. It will also give you the chance to see career opportunities, network and view or comment on industry news. LinkedIn also hosts over 600 million professionals worldwide, therefore, having a profile that stands out is essential.

We’ve given you 5 tips on how to do that below.


  1. Treat Your LinkedIn Profile As You Would Your CV

Make sure your profile is up to date and relevant. It may seem a lot of effort, however, the percentage of recruiters and employers that use LinkedIn to find their next appointment is remarkably high. LinkedIn is very good at measuring the completeness of your LinkedIn profile and will advise you on ways how to build this.

  1. Your LinkedIn Photo

Did you know by adding a photo of yourself to your LinkedIn profile will vastly increase the amount of views your profile will receive and increases your chance of being found in searches. There should, however, be certain criteria you need to think about.

DO have a plain background.

DO make it a headshot.

DON’T take it as a selfie.

DON’T have anyone else in the photo with you.

DO look approachable.

  1. Summary Paragraph and Job Roles

 Use the space allocated to you for your summary detailing industries you have worked in, projects you have worked on, listing any experience or skills that will differentiate you from the competition. LinkedIn allows you to add photos and videos. List your soft skills  as they can be equally important to a prospective employer when hiring to ensure you are a good cultural fit into their organisation.

  1. Recommendations

Ask previous employers or colleagues for recommendations. You are able to vet them before you decide if you want them added to your profile but recommendations from others can be used as great references.

  1. Increase Your Contacts

You should aim to have 50+ contacts. The more contacts you have, the more opportunities you may get. Sharing your contacts posts is also likely to get you noticed more.

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