Problems Recruitment Agencies Face

The recruiting industry has seen extensive changes over the last few years not least how hard Covid has hit everyone personally and professionally.

Covid, the economy, skills shortages and technological advances have altered the way we do things in the workplace and this will be the new norm how companies operate.

Like any industry, there will always be challenges to overcome and recruitment is no different. We have highlighted a few of our challenges below that always push us to be better.


1. Attracting the Right Client

2. Candidate Competition

3. Finding the Right Candidates

4. Speed of Hiring

5. Retaining Clients and Candidates

6. Competition from social recruiting


Attracting the Right Client

Every business wants more clients, however, it’s extremely important to partner with the right client. We understand that not everyone is the right fit for each other, therefore, identifying the ideal client is crucial. As a recruitment business, we are clear about the sectors we serve and the problems that face our clients that we can solve.


Candidate Competition

When the right candidate is sourced, ideally you want restricted rights to present them to your client although it is highly likely they will be registered with several of our competitors and may apply directly to the available position. In today’s competitive market it’s important to go beyond other recruitment agencies and really add value to your candidates and clients exceeding their expectations of dealing with you. At 2020-Recruitment we can offer a values based recruitment process and can provide training to candidates in specific sectors via our SQA accredited training partner with the majority of training at no extra cost to the candidate or our clients.


Finding the Right Candidates

Finding the right candidate first time is by no means an easy task especially in times of skills shortages. You need a recruitment agency that understands your industry, your company culture and your values to find that ideal candidate, one who can easily fit into your current team along. Along with the required skill set, the right attitude is extremely important. The right recruitment agency you decide to partner with will also have access to passive candidates that you may not. The location of the candidate is no longer an issue due to many businesses operating a large part of their operations digitally with hybrid working. This is opening companies up to a larger pool of talent.


Speed of Hiring

The business world is moving faster than ever and a recruitment agency that is not able to keep up will slowly be left behind. Any delays in hiring could thwart any chance of placing a sought after candidate in a position especially if a client isn’t decisive enough. An opportunity to make a great new hire could be missed. Most agencies are commission based and need placements to make up their salary or hit targets. None of our staff are commission based and will go at the clients pace to ensure a correct fit is sourced for their company.

Video interviews have become the new norm which have streamlined the hiring process making it quicker and more cost effective to hire.


Retaining Clients and Candidates

Even in a fast paced, competitive industry we believe consistently delivering a superior customer experience that exceeds expectations is certainly number one on our list. We put ourselves in our clients and candidates shoes fully understanding any issues you’re having. Even in this social media world we live in, people still need that human personal touch and it requires understanding your customers’ wants, needs and expectations and delivering on them.


Competition from Social Recruiting

Technology is changing the way recruitment agencies hire. All recruiters now use social media to hire and vet prospective employees making it harder than ever as competition is fierce.

Your Company’s own brand will be key in attracting the right talent and what you have to offer a prospective employee. This has not changed but post Covid the need to promote your company is crucial. As business recuperate and start hiring again, employees will be more selective who they want to work for. Companies will need to promote their company culture, benefits and values to prospective employees.


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