How To Promote Your Company Culture To Future Employees

Whilst salary and benefits packages remain the top concern for job seekers, there is an increased interest in company culture. Today’s workers want to join companies that stand for something, or that share similar values and beliefs as themselves.

As such, a key determiner of recruiting success is your ability to showcase the key elements of your company culture, such as your innovative spirit, commitment to health and well-being, or your ultra-productivity, to future candidates. Failing to send the right messages to the right people may result in a shortage of applicants, or it may cause your search to end without producing the ideal candidate.

However, this destiny is not set in stone. There are ways you can adjust your recruiting strategy so that you communicate with future candidates in the right way, getting them to think about you when the time comes for them to change jobs.

Here are some ways to promote company culture to future candidates:

High Volume Recruiting Events

Job fairs, trade shows and conventions are a bit old-school, but they are effective ways of marketing your employer brand and getting people excited about your open positions. This happens in two ways:

Sometimes this just comes down to numbers. The more people you can get in front of with the right message, then the more people you’ll have applying for your positions, which means you have a better chance of securing industry-leading talent.

Social Media

The majority of people engage with at least one brand on social media. This represents a great chance for you to passively communicate with job seekers. While you might not be actively hiring, you can use social media to share with others what it’s like to work at your company. Blogs are also a great way to communicate to people what’s going on with the company.
By doing this, it means that when you do begin marketing open positions, people will already have associations about your company culture. And if you’ve done your job right, these associations will be positive, which will increase the chances of them responding to your job postings. Getting help from an external HR firm can help you tailor your social media marketing skills for effective recruiting, making it easier to demonstrate company culture and attract talent.

Product Branding

In an ideal world, all of your employees would also be loyal, dedicated customers who are fully committed to your company mission and value set. But this isn’t always the case. However, your product branding is a reflection of your company culture, so you should do your best to make sure your marketing efforts actively promote the right brand image with your target audience.
Few people want to work for a company when they don’t believe in the products they make. So even if someone isn’t fully passionate about the causes your company supports, they are more likely to respond when they see there is some purpose behind the company other than making money. It gives you a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd, which makes it easier to attract top talent.

Job Descriptions and Your Website

Interviewees are trained to come prepared with lots of questions. Most will have spent a good deal of time researching your company online, and they will use what they find to help them form questions to ask during the interview.
It’s your job to make sure the information you publish about your open jobs and company are up-to-day and accurate. Clearly post your company vision and core values, and dedicate some space to explaining corporate culture, or showing it, where possible (video content can be very powerful). Consistency is key; you must ensure that everyone receives the same messages no matter where they come into contact with your brand.
This way, when someone comes in for an interview, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what your company culture is, and then it will be your job to try and prove to candidates that your actions support your words. And if you do this well, then you’ll soon find top talent flocking to your doors every time you post a new job.

Test and Retest

You’re not going to get all of this right on the first shot, which is why it’s important to track progress and monitor results. Play with the language you use when you communicate with people and try different content strategies to see what’s the most effective way to showcase company culture. But these four tactics will help get you going in the right direction, and they’ll make it much easier for you to explain to future candidates what your company is all about.


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About the Author:

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