Pros vs. Cons of Hiring Temporary Employees

Temporary workers play a vital role within many companies and sectors.

But are they right for your business?

This blog article will outline the pros and cons of hiring temporary employees which will hopefully help you decide if this method of employment will be something you would consider in the future.


There are several reasons your company may want to hire temporary staff:

Recruitment agencies can take the stress factor out of hiring. This can range from writing and placing job advertisements, sifting through and responding to applications, background checks, interviewing, reference checking and payroll. All of which is very time consuming.

Temporary staff offer a great deal of flexibility within your business as recruitment agencies can quickly provide your business with employees that meet your skill set requirements to support you during peak periods, seasonal demands, to cover absences such as illness or maternity or for larger projects. Many contractors have a specialised skillset and are much more suited to assist short-term projects for specific projects for a certain period of time.

This might actually turn out to be a better, cost-effective option depending on the needs of your company.

When you use a contract workforce, you can eliminate many costs of hiring permanent employees. As well as salary, pension and holiday entitlement you may need to contribute towards bonuses, share schemes or any other benefits your company has in place.

Once the temporary contract has ended you might find that the temporary worker has been an asset to your business has added value and been a good cultural fit. If we have done our job correctly this should be the case! If this is the situation and they have been employed by us for a minimum of 12 weeks within your company then you can employ them yourself at no additional cost to your company. This is the preferred method by many of our clients. The main reason being is that you have an opportunity over the 12 weeks to assess their attitude and work ethic.


Now let’s look at the disadvantages of hiring temporary employees.


You may have concerns of hiring temporary employees and one of the main questions we are asked is on reliability.

The consensus with some employers is that they believe that temporary workers won’t be an equal match for their permanent colleagues. Agreeably there will always be individuals who don’t perform to expectations, however, at 2020-Recruitment we have a stringent selection process and to eliminate risk and we believe any temporary worker we place will be just as reliable as your permanent employees. Any reputable recruitment agency will be the same.

Someone within your company will need to take time out to train the temporary worker. This is the same with any new employee. The plus side is that should you require a temporary worker again, this may not be required if the same temporary worker is rehired. You need to ensure the temporary worker has been trained sufficiently and safely to undertake the work they have been hired for. Statistics show that accidents at work are higher for new employees in their first month.

Issues can arise occasionally when temporary workers working together with permanent employees are doing the same job but not in receipt of the same remuneration.

We have included the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 here should you like to find out any additional information on the expectations of hiring temporary workers.


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