Recruitment Trends

Over the past several months we are seeing labour shortages in most sectors and left wondering if this is signs of another recession.

We hope not!

Here are the current recruitment trends as 2020 Recruitment see it.


Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm for the majority of businesses and has become part of their hiring strategy to attract potential employees looking for a move. Love it or hate it for your business, hybrid or remote working is here to stay.

Many individuals are applying for positions just now to get a feel for what the job market is like at the then pulling out when their current employer makes a counter offer. This is extremely frustrating not to mention time consuming and possibly missing out on other candidates. Retaining employees is more beneficial.

This has always been part of our interview process, especially when recruiting for our Clients outwith Scotland or overseas, however, it has now become normal procedure not just in the interview process, but in our every day life to use platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Depending on the role there is a lack of suitably qualified candidates applying for these and the ones that do apply are looking for higher expectations from an employer. Job seekers are more particular with the employers they choose to work with. Inflation costs is having a huge impact and employers are increasing salaries and benefits to try and attract these employees.

Having a big presence on social media is crucial to allow candidates to find you. I remember reading a quote once that said if your business is not on social media that you may as well not exist. Hootsuite offers some advise to businesses looking to improve their presence.

We have needed to look further than our Clients’ own industry to other sectors to source talented people. We need to direct our attention from purely skills based to transferrable skills. These could be based on attitude, willingness, problem-solving, adaptability and excellent communication as an example.


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